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Increase your drug’s likelihood of progressing through development to the clinic.

Collaborate with us to access our state-of-the-art research facilities in Stevenage, gain valuable support from our highly experienced scientists, and leverage our longstanding drug discovery expertise in small molecules and biologics. 

We can also offer personalised strategic advice on potential development routes to market and facilitate connections with commercial partners. 

Our track record

Our areas of expertise

Antibody technologies

We work closely with you to develop your antibodies and accelerate them to the clinic.

Small molecule drug discovery

We use our compound libraries, external libraries and structure-guided discovery.

Assay development

Supporting target validation, drug discovery and characterisation.

Medicinal chemistry

* capability or platform in development

We are looking for research projects related to our Translational Challenges that demonstrate: 

  • Novel therapeutic targets 
  • New approaches to modulating a known disease target 
  • Strong evidence linking the target to human disease 
  • Evidence from model systems showing that modulation of the target has a therapeutically relevant effect 
  • Disease biology expertise, such as access to enabling assays, reagents and disease models 
  • New technologies that could speed up drug discovery or allow us to tackle diseases and targets that can’t currently be treated

Who to contact

Other ways we can support you

Antibody discovery

Innovative single B-cell technologies and clinically-validated platform to generate fully human therapeutic antibodies.

Diagnostics development

We support all stages of diagnostic development, from assay design through to clinical validation.

Targeted protein degradation

PROTACs and alternative E3 ligases to degrade target proteins that aren’t classically targetable by small molecule inhibitors.

Commercialisation advice

Support your technology transfer to progress your work towards commercially viable products.

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