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We can support with technology transfer to progress your work towards commercially viable products.

The success of a product’s development and commercial manufacturing heavily relies on effective management of technology transfer and protection of intellectual property (IP).

We have the expertise to ensure these complex processes go smoothly. This means you can start generating commercial returns more quickly that can fund new projects.

How we can help


We can evaluate the translational potential of your research and help facilitate commercial partnerships.

IP protection

Our specialist IP teams support the patenting and protection of your research.

Expert advice

We offer expert advice on accessing further funding and potential development routes to market.

MRC licensing opportunities

We manage a wide range of Medical Research Council technologies that are available for licensing or further collaborative development.

Our track record

  • 30 years managing technology transfer for the UK Medical Research Council (MRC), generating more than £700 million.
  • 18+ start-ups supported such as the UK’s largest and most successful biotech companies, Celltech and CAT. 

  • Negotiated royalty buyout of US$265m on behalf of the MRC, for the drug Humira® (adalimumab) – the biggest deal to arise out of breakthroughs by British scientists

  • Partners generated £50b+ in revenues from assets developed or protected by us
  • Managed 1,000+ patent families, 4,000+ agreements & 700+ reagents for clients
  • Over 60 antibodies humanised with 5 drugs on the market: Keytruda®, Tysabri®, Actemra®, Entyvio®, and Leqembi®

Who we work with

Universities and academic institutions

Research institutes

Including support for MRC researchers

Start-ups and early-stage biotechs

Pharmaceutical companies

Creating the next generation of tech transfer professionals

We’ve created 2 fellowship programmes to help develop skills and knowledge for scientists who are interested in building a career in technology transfer. 

Other ways we can support you

LifeArc staff working through ideas on Post-It notes

Support for charities

Charities can access a range of services including technology transfer, IP protection and advice on progressing research toward commercial success.

Support for MRC researchers

If you are a researcher in an MRC Institute, we can help you translate your science into powerful new therapies, diagnostics, devices and research tools. 

Scientific capabilities

Interested in scientific support? See our list of drug discovery and diagnostic development capabilities.

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