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Tackling the global challenge of viral threats

COVID-19 showed the world what viruses can do to human health and the global economy.

Unfortunately, climate change is causing more human exposure to insects like ticks and mosquitos, and intensive farming increases the risk for animal-to-human infection.

No organisation can solve the problem alone. But we seek to bring our expertise in translational science to help combat the threats of established viruses and new viruses – before the threat from them increases.

What do we want to achieve?

We want to collaborate with others to improve patient lives by:

  • addressing the unmet translational needs in low and middle income countries
  • developing new treatments and diagnostics

How you can work with us

We collaborate and fund efforts around:

New treatments (particularly monoclonal antibodies or novel modalities)

Low-cost diagnostics (including prognostic biomarkers)

Addressing data gaps

Supporting sustainable capacity building (considering both accessibility and affordability)

iiCON and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

We are partnering with the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) to launch a new £2.7 million Translational Development Fund.

Who to contact

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    iiCON and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

    iiCON and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine A £2.7 million Translational Development Fund launched in partnership with the Liverpool School of Tropical…

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