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Our vision is a world with affordable and accessible solutions to better understand, treat, and prevent infectious diseases.

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Infectious diseases disregard national borders. They are some of the biggest threats facing human health. 

Within the umbrella of global health, we have focused on 3 Translational Challenges: antimicrobial resistance, emerging viral threats, and neglected tropical diseases.

We collaborate with experts in this space and use our expertise in translation to help remove barriers and progress promising science.

Translational Challenges within Global Health

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)

Partnering to fight drug-resistant infections.

Neglected Tropical Diseases

Supporting the elimination and control of tropical diseases.

Emerging Viral Threats (EVTs)

Tackling established viruses and potential epidemics.

What do we want to achieve?

Focusing our efforts where patient need is greatest and listening to those with lived experiences, we aim to:

  • improve understanding of diseases
  • connect experts across global health research
  • support sustainable capacity growth
  • contribute to making medicines and diagnostics affordable and accessible
  • unblock barriers that keep solutions from reaching patients
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How you can work with us


We pursue collaborations that:

  • Focus on urgent local needs in low- and middle-income countries
  • Aim to create a more equitable and sustainable global research ecosystem


We invest in projects that:

  • Co-create new research infrastructure
  • Support capacity growth where it’s most needed
  • Remove obstacles in the scientific discovery pathway
  • Create more opportunities for funding

Scientific support

Our team can help you:

  • Translate new therapeutics
  • Develop diagnostics and biomarkers
  • Discover and humanise antibodies
  • Protect your intellectual property

Partnerships and initiatives

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A £30 million initiative with Innovate UK and Medicines Discovery Catapult, driving new developments to tackle antimicrobial resistance.

iiCON and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

We are partnering with the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) to launch a new £2.7 million Translational Development Fund. 

The Francis Crick Institute and the Crick Africa Network

We have partnered with the Crick Africa Network (CAN), to provide £7.5 million towards community science programmes.

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Who to contact

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