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Targeting previously “undruggable” targets

Targeted protein degradation is revolutionising therapeutics, unlocking the potential for new drugs for conditions that have previously been untreatable.

We’re building our expertise in this rapidly expanding field and the capability of our targeted protein degradation platform.

We’re interested in exploring collaborations to evolve this area further.

Our areas of focus

Our current focus is on proteolysis targeting chimeras – or PROTACs – and E3 ligases to increase options for targeted protein degradation approaches in different tissues and diseases.

What is targeted protein degradation (TPD)? 

Small molecules – like aspirin, some antibiotics and many cancer treatments – make up around 90% of approved pharmaceutical drugs. Often, they bind at the active site of a target protein to prevent it from carrying out its known biological function. 

But not all proteins can be targeted in this way: around 80% of disease-related proteins can’t be bound by traditional small molecule drugs.  

This is often because they lack a well-defined binding site, or because the binding site is difficult to access.  

Targeted protein degradation (TPD) takes a different approach. Rather than binding to inhibit the target protein, TPD helps connect the target with a ubiquitin tag.  

This marks the target for destruction by triggering the ubiquitin proteasome system – each cell’s natural waste disposal system – to break the target protein down. 

Because TPD can work isn’t constrained to active sites, it offers great promise for targets that have previously been “undruggable” – potentially leading to new, much-needed therapies for complex conditions like cancer, infectious diseases and neurodegeneration.

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