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We can help you progress your diagnostic innovations towards clinical use.

Advances in diagnostics can significantly benefit patients, frontline clinicians and healthcare systems.

Our integrated diagnostic team in Edinburgh collaborate with partners on diagnostic projects spanning various platforms and technologies.

Our areas of expertise

We’re looking for research projects on: 

  • early detection of disease
  • measurement of worsening or progression of disease
  • companion diagnostics to support treatment decisions
  • digital diagnostics
  • novel biomarkers

Projects should be related to one of the health conditions we address through our Translational Challenges.

Our unique business model

LifeArc staff working through ideas on Post-It notes

As a self-funded charity, we absorb the risk in diagnostics development until industry collaboration is feasible.

At this stage, our business development managers can help you establish new commercial partners for further development of your diagnostic solution.  

Depending on the project, we may receive a share of the future investment return. Exact arrangements are tailored case by case and we offer a range of partnering options. 

Who to contact

Other ways we can support you

Antibody discovery

Innovative single B-cell technologies and clinically-validated platform to generate fully human therapeutic antibodies.

Antibody humanisation

We can help you optimise and humanise your antibodies with a success rate of more than 98%.

Targeted protein degradation

PROTACs and alternative E3 ligases to degrade target proteins that aren’t classically targetable by small molecule inhibitors.

Commercialisation advice

Support your technology transfer to progress your work towards commercially viable products.

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