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We can discover novel, fully human antibodies that are fit for further development and clinical testing.

Fully human antibodies are now the gold standard of therapeutic antibodies – bypassing the need for humanisation and opening opportunities for very challenging targets.

We’ve established a platform for human antibody discovery. We use single B-cell selection technologies and genetically engineered, transgenic animals to produce fully human, clinically validated antibodies.

Why work with us?

We have a rich heritage in antibody-related research and discovery. Over the past 30 years, we’ve humanised 5 of the world’s top antibody drugs.

Clinically validated transgenic technology

We use transgenic mice, engineered with the complete repertoire of human V-regions in their genome. Resulting antibodies are diverse, naturally affinity matured and usually ready for further development, without further humanisation or optimisation. 

Antigen-positive single B cell sorting

We combine single B-cell sorting with NGS sequencing and advanced bioinformatics to prioritise antibodies with the most desirable drug-like properties. We’re exploring how machine learning and AI could further improve outcomes and efficiencies. 

Microfluidic function-based single B-cell sorting

Using the Beacon® Optofluidic System, we can identify antibodies of interest produced by single B- or plasma cells as soon as they are isolated from transgenic animals. This early, function-first identification can reduce throughput and potentially eliminate weeks of screening time.  

Screening to select lead molecules

We carefully assess discovered antibodies for appropriate therapeutic responses. This includes evaluating cross-reactive binding properties against target orthologues in other species. We can also perform epitope binning to assess epitope diversity and have a collaboration with Leicester University to produce co-crystal structures. 

Understanding developability 

We rigorously test antibodies via a suite of biophysical assays – including for aggregation propensity, solubility, serum stability, kinetic properties, charge heterogeneity, purity and non-specific interactions. Candidates showing optimal efficacy, drug-like properties and manufacturability are chosen as lead molecules. 

Fully human lead candidate molecules 

Final molecules are delivered ready for pre-clinical development, scale-up, CMC and eventually testing in human clinical studies.

Collaborating for the greatest patient impact

We continuously update and optimise our workflow, including the discovery of antibodies for very challenging therapeutic targets.  

If you would like to collaborate with us on our discovery platform to achieve greater impact for patients, get in touch.  

Who to contact

Other ways we can support you

Antibody humanisation

We can help optimise and humanise your antibodies with a success rate of more than 98%.

Diagnostics development

We support all stages of diagnostic development, from assay design through to clinical validation.

Targeted protein degradation

PROTACs and alternative E3 ligases to degrade target proteins that aren’t classically targetable by small molecule inhibitors.

Commercialisation advice

Support your technology transfer to progress your work towards commercially viable products.

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