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We can help you humanise your antibodies with a success rate of more than 98%.

With many promising antibodies developed in non-human formats, humanisation is a vital step on the journey to the clinic.

Our team can help you humanise monoclonal antibodies from a wide range of species, including mice, hamsters, rats, rabbits, chickens and camelids, producing therapeutic candidate molecules of various modalities including VHH, IgG, Fab and VH-Fc.

We work closely with you throughout the process and ask for no upfront fee – instead, we receive a small royalty on sales.  

Why work with us?

Over the past 30 years, we’ve helped to humanise nearly 100 therapeutic monoclonal antibodies, including contributing to 5 licensed drugs.

No upfront payment

We take on the developmental risk, so you don’t have to. Instead of an upfront fee, we receive a small royalty on sales after market approval is secured. 

Driven by impact, not profit

We work on projects with strong scientific rationale, clear routes to commercialisation and the greatest potential for patient impact.  

Transparent collaboration

We work closely with you throughout the project, with open dialogue and regular sharing of samples for evaluation. You retain IP ownership and control after the project ends.   

More than 98% success rate

We produce as many candidates as we need – we don’t limit ourselves to a fixed number – and have experience with a diverse range of target classes.  

Exceptional antibody quality 

Lead antibodies have optimal expression levels and binding, stability and biophysical characteristics. Most display a binding level at least 95% that of the chimeric protein.  

Swift delivery and valuable support  

Expect humanised antibodies in around 6 months. We can also support you post-delivery with publication, patent support, and guidance on further development. 

Our collaborative approach

  • No upfront payment – we take on the developmental risk so you don’t have to. 

  • LifeArc receives a small royalty on sales after market approval has been secured. 

  • We also consider other deal structures where appropriate.

Our track record

Humanised antibodies for 5 licensed drugs

Who to contact

Other ways we can support you

Antibody discovery

Innovative single B-cell technologies and clinically-validated platform to generate fully human therapeutic antibodies.

Diagnostics development

We support all stages of diagnostic development, from assay design through to clinical validation.

Targeted protein degradation

PROTACs and alternative E3 ligases to degrade target proteins that aren’t classically targetable by small molecule inhibitors.

Commercialisation advice

Support your technology transfer to progress your work towards commercially viable products.

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