Antibody humanisation

We conduct antibody humanisation without an upfront fee, subject to our completing satisfactory diligence on your target, antibody and future plans for the resulting antibody. 

Ways of working with us

Humanisation and handback

  • No upfront payment
  • LifeArc receives a return on successful market approval
  • This tends to be <1% royalty
  • Project subject to our in-house due diligence
  • Flexible deal terms offered, so please contact us via the form below to discuss


  • Revenue share model agreed where LifeArc gets a percentage of future commercial success
  • Where LifeArc contributes to in vitro and in vivo biology, affinity maturation if require
  • Project subject to our in-house due diligence

Track record:

  • Oncology – Merck Keytruda®
  • Ulcerative colitis – Takeda Entyvio®
  • Rheumatoid arthritis  – Roche Actemra®
  • Multiple sclerosis – Biogen IDEC Tysabri® 

Unrivalled experience

Our antibody engineering service has successfully humanised over 70 antibodies including four drugs on the market and four in clinical trials.

Sequence confirmation and humanisation:

We determine the sequence of your antibody and use in silico modelling to generate appropriate models of the antibody.  The best scoring model, along with LifeArc’s proprietary antibody database and CDR grafting, are used to generate between 10 to 50 humanised candidates.  The best performing of these is tested in a range of assays to identify a humanised lead clinical candidate.

Biophysical characterisation and antibody production:

Two step affinity chromatography and size exclusion chromatography are used to purify the candidates.  A wide range of biophysical assays is employed to determine the development potential of the humanised antibodies.  5-10 mgs of the purified lead candidate (and 1-2 backups) are provided to our collaborating partner.  Antibodies are supplied in PBS and are endotoxin free, ensuring suitability for use in downstream in vivo studies.


The LifeArc team will provide our partners with a humanised candidate antibody with optimal expression levels, binding, thermostability and excellent biophysical properties.

Get in touch

Find out more in our brochure on antibody engineering, or to discuss further, contact Zhi Zhang on +44 (0)7876583460.

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