LifeArc scientist wins prestigious Industrial Fellowship

LifeArc scientist receives an industry fellowship from the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851

A warm welcome to our 2021-2 industrial placement students

Welcoming students to our industrial placement scheme for 2021

Highlights of the year from our outgoing placement students

Students from our industrial placement scheme for 2020 review their year working in drug discovery at LifeArc

Industrialising academic-led gene therapies

Sven Kili, Chair of the Coordinating Committee overseeing the creation of the Gene Therapy Innovation Hubs, discusses how Gene Therapy Innovation Hubs will advance promising research into new treatments for patients.

Kickstart drug repurposing: smashing the roadblocks on the route to patients

How LifeArc aims to support charities, researchers and funders exploring new uses for existing medicines

Proud to be part of the scientific community driving MND research

The status of scientific understanding of MND and the ambition behind creating the joint fund with the MND Association

Repurposing drugs: the opportunity and the challenges 

Catriona Crombie outlines the case studies from our seminar on drug repurposing

The pandemic – a driving force for innovation in diagnostics?

Ciaran Fulton, Head of Diagnostics, reflects on the rapid evolution of diagnostics during the pandemic.

International Women’s Day 2021 – salute to women trailblazing innovation

Anji Miller, Senior Business Manager and advocate for diversity, discusses representation in science for International Women's Day 2021.