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LifeArc signs statement calling for the UK to lead the G7 on R&D investment

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The Campaign for Science and Engineering (CaSE) has released a joint statement urging all political parties to commit the UK to be a leading G7 country in research and development (R&D) investment, highlighting a shared vision of the value of R&D. 

We are proud members of CaSE, the UK’s leading independent advocate for science and engineering, and in full support of this statement, have added our name to the list of signatories. 

The statement:

The UK should be a leading country in the G7 on R&D investment 

We are united in a belief in the importance of ambitious, long-term, and sustainable investment in Research and Development (R&D) for the future of the United Kingdom. R&D is the foundation upon which the UK’s economic prosperity, well-being, and global competitiveness rest. A sustained increase in government R&D investment creates the stability to pursue big ideas, discoveries, and innovations that improve UK public services and make the world a better place for the next generation. 

Such investment will instil confidence in the UK as a place to do business, drive growth, prosperity, and allow the UK to lead on the transition to net zero while tackling threats to health, wellbeing and quality of life across the UK. A majority of the public think that new research has a role to play in solving society’s challenges; 77% say new research is an essential or important part of solving the problem of climate change and 80% for securing the UK’s energy supply and lowering the cost of energy bills. 

The UK should be a leading country in the G7 on R&D investment. We want to see political parties commit to investing in and nurturing a culture of research and innovation, ensuring the UK continues to attract private, philanthropic, and charity investment as well as the most talented researchers from around the world. 

Authors CaSE – The Academy of Medical Sciences – Association of Medical Research Charities – The British Academy – CBI – Royal Academy of Engineering – The Royal Society – Russell Group – University Alliance – Universities UK – Wellcome

“If we want to make life science life changing, the whole UK R&D system must be strong: from ideas and infrastructure to innovators and impact. 

Pushing to lead the G7 on R&D investment is the right thing to do, to bolster these fundamentals and ensure we turn the UK’s scientific strength into success. 

We call on all parties to commit to this goal and we will keep working with them all to make it a reality.”

LifeArc Interim Chief Executive Officer, Stéphane Maikovsky

Media contact

Hannah Severyn

Head of Media and PR at LifeArc

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