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A warm welcome to our 2021-2 industrial placement students

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LifeArc’s industrial placement scheme provides students interested in early therapeutic discovery with the opportunity to work across a number of areas in the drug discovery process.

The students work closely with an experienced member of our team in Stevenage where they gain hands-on experience in our state-of-the-art laboratory. As well as working on exciting projects, presenting results of experiments back to the team and maintaining high-quality, written notebook records of lab research, the students gain research experience that can help with degree submissions.

Applications for the scheme for next year’s intake are now open. Please click here for information on the criteria and how to apply.

Last month, we welcomed 10 students for the 2021 intake onto the programme. Find out about some of them below.


“I’m currently studying biochemistry at the University of Leeds. I find stem cell research one of the most fascinating areas of science, which hopefully in the future I can partake in. I am excited to engage in research and learn how new drugs and therapeutics are discovered. I am also looking forward to being able to use cutting-edge lab equipment for the first time!”


“I’m especially interested in molecular biology and antibody engineering. I’m most looking forward to working with a team of experienced world-class scientists and finally getting to do some real hands-on lab work.

“I am one of the chemistry IP students at LifeArc. I am  just about to enter my final year of an MChem programme at the University of York. I particularly enjoy organic chemistry and using what I have learnt to create new and exciting compounds. One of the things I am most looking forward to about starting at LifeArc is being part of team that carries out cutting-edge research in the field of medicinal chemistry.”


“I am studying Biological Sciences at Durham University. My main area of interest within the breadth of biology is cancer and its involvement in the immune system, which is why I am extremely excited to be part of the immune-oncology team here at LifeArc. I’m looking forward to being part of  ongoing projects and getting to use some of the amazing laboratory facilities!”


“I’m studying Biochemistry at the University of Southampton and so far, my favourite modules have been neuroscience, pharmacology, and infection, immunology and inflammation. I’m really looking forward to taking my pharmacology knowledge further with hands-on experience in drug development during my placement. Neuroscience has been a favourite of mine for many years so it will be really exciting to incorporate this interest, too. I’m also keen to meet new people who are passionate about science and working in drug research and development, and to gain new skills in the process.”


“I study Biomedical Sciences at the University of York, where I have just finished second year. I am very interested in therapeutics but so far, I’m not sure which field. I hope that by the end of this year, my ideas will be clearer, and I will have more lab and industry experience to find out what I’m passionate about. I am very excited to start working at LifeArc, get some hands-on experience and get to talk to other scientists.”


“I have just completed my second year at the University of Bath where I’m studying Biomedical Sciences. I am particularly interested in human biology and the mechanisms of disease and am excited to be joining LifeArc to contribute to improving human health. I am most looking forward to having hands-on experience with new lab equipment and the opportunity to experiment on human cells.”


“I have just finished my 2nd year of Biochemistry at Imperial College London. My main area of interest in Biology lies within Neuroscience, particularly neurodegenerative disorders. During the last year I also enjoyed Structural Biology and Bioinformatics. I am really excited to be part of research team at LifeArc for the next year, where I can hopefully help collect data and contribute to the vast knowledge that shapes drug discoveries.”

We recently said goodbye and good luck to the 2020 cohort industrial placement students – see what they said about their year with us.

Find out more and apply for the 2022 Industrial Placements scheme

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