For students interested in early therapeutic discovery

Applications are now closed for the 2021-22 academic year

  • Based in Stevenage
  • Salary: £18,000
  • Runs approximately 50 weeks

As a medical research charity with a legacy of seeking out new ways to transform science into patient impact, we rely on the expertise of scientists to drive medical innovation.

Each year we take on around ten industrial placement students who are interested in early therapeutic discovery to get involved in our exciting project work in Stevenage.

The students become part of teams that work across a number of areas in the drug discovery process. Each student works closely with one of our experienced team members to gain valuable experience in areas such as:

  • Molecular biology
  • Protein expression and purification
  • Biophysical characterisation
  • Assay design, optimisation and automation
  • High throughput screening
  • Identification of therapeutic leads
  • Pharmacokinetic and metabolism studies
  • Target validation studies (gene editing, pharmacology, bioinformatics)
  • Cellular models of disease supporting small molecule and/or antibody programs
  • Antigen generation
  • Antibody engineering
  • Antibody screening and optimisation

During the paid placement, we expect the students to deliver regular presentations of experimental results and conclusions to the project team, while maintaining high-quality, written notebook records of lab research. In return, students have the opportunity to use the work they do here to assist with degree submissions and gain true research experience.

The intake for each academic year starts in September. The application window for the 2022-23 placements will open in September/October 2021. Follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn to keep up to date with our announcements and job openings.

Previous placement students

Find out about the highlights of the year from our outgoing 2021 placement students.

“As a student I feel as though my placement year has opened many doors for me and I have gained much invaluable experience that will help me progress in my career once I have graduated from university”

“I definitely believe that this year has been incredibly helpful in helping me to decide which direction I wish to take my career in. Through working full-time in a lab all year, I have gained a multitude of transferable skills that can be applied to my future career”

“I was very happy with how I was managed daily as my supervisor made sure that she always knew what I had planned for the week ahead and we had regular meetings to discuss my experimental results and personal progress”

“I have enjoyed meeting so many different people – all of which come from different backgrounds. It has been invaluable to learn from everybody’s experience. I can’t think what I have enjoyed least!!”

“I have had a brilliant year at LifeArc – the experience has been invaluable and is no doubt something that I will look back at with fondness”