We collaborate with charities to increase the likelihood of medical innovations reaching patients.

With a 25-year track record and a highly experienced team of experts, we help charities to maximise their funding for patient benefit. 

Our charity partners can access our range of services including technology transfer and intellectual property (IP) support and expert advice on how best to progress your project towards commercial success. 

We help charities to:

We work with a wide range of charity partners, both within and beyond our Translational Challenges.

What our charity partners say about us

“We have learnt an enormous amount through working with LifeArc, and value their uniqueness of being able to philanthropically help other charities create impact for patients, rather than doing so for commercial gain. Whatever comes next, LifeArc is a reliable partner and has been at DEBRA Austria’s side for 10 years.” 

Rainer Riedl, DEBRA Austria 



Who to contact

Female Patient And Nurse Have Consultation In Hospital Room

Working with patients

In addition to partnering with charities, we also work directly with patients to understand unmet needs.

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