Making life science life changing

Life sciences research is full of potential. LifeArc’s mission is to unlock this potential, advancing early scientific discoveries to the point where they can be developed into the next generation of diagnostics, treatments and cures.

  • We want to transform the way diseases are identified and treated.
  • Our new strategy, making life science life changing, sets out how we will achieve this.

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Focus Areas and Translational Challenges at LifeArc

LifeArc is dedicated to addressing critical healthcare needs through our Focus Areas: Neurodegeneration, Respiratory Health , Global Health, , Rare Disease, and Childhood Cancer. Within these areas, we’ve identified targeted initiatives where our expertise and investment can create substantial patient impact. We refer to these initiatives as ‘Translational Challenges’.

Each Translational Challenge is centred on a specific disease area, and spans  from diagnosis to treatment. These Challenges are composed of various projects, each aimed at developing a unique solution. These solutions range from ground-breaking drugs and diagnostics to innovative medical devices and digital tools, all powered by data-driven insights.

To fulfil our Translational Challenges we collaborate with a network of academic, commercial, and non-profit partners to turn these projects into tangible patient benefits.

LifeArc Ventures: Catalysing life science breakthroughs

LifeArc’s Early Ventures function focuses on delivering impactful investments in the life sciences sector, focusing on financial returns while advancing solutions for patients. We provide crucial seed and venture funding to early-stage companies, helping them bridge the gap from academic research to market-readiness. Our approach involves collaborative investments from seed to Series A funding, supporting companies through crucial development stages and enabling access to a wider network of skills and expertise. This strategy accelerates the development of innovative therapies and technologies, fostering groundbreaking advancements in healthcare.

Securing a sustainable future: LifeArc’s financial strategy for translational science

To secure a sustainable future and address Translational Challenges, LifeArc recognises the need for significant financial resources and long-term funding sustainability. LifeArc aims for strong financial returns from its investments. The financial returns are expected to come from three key areas: managing a c.£1.1bn investment portfolio for long-term returns, leveraging financial returns from successful scientific projects, and exploring new opportunities and partnerships through Translational Challenges. These strategies align with LifeArc’s commitment to patient-centric initiatives and its not-for-profit status, ensuring institutional sustainability and the capacity to continually reinvest in future solutions for patients.

Delivering impact

The impact that we deliver for patients underpins everything that we do at LifeArc. To secure our future and therefore the benefits to millions of patients for years to come, it is critical that we continue to add value to people’s lives.

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