LifeArc provides technology transfer services to the Medical Research Council (MRC), which is part of United Kingdom Research and Innovation. If you are a researcher in an MRC Institute, we can offer a range of support to help you harness the power of your discoveries to transform lives.

Like you, we want to see the innovative life science research funded by the MRC realise its full potential, contributing to the larger scientific endeavour and benefiting patients as widely as possible – and we have the expertise to make that happen.

MRC science may have the potential to be translated into powerful new therapies, diagnostics, devices and research tools.

How we support MRC researchers

  • We identify the translational and commercial potential of research outputs and help protect inventions, if appropriate. We can also assist with further development including access to funding.
  • We work with industry and investors to progress and commercialise MRC research via licensing, collaboration and spin-out formation.
  • We help MRC scientists progress their work through industrial collaborations by providing tailored contract support.
  • We facilitate effective engagement with industry, catalysing partnerships that add real value while mitigating risks for the MRC.

Please keep telling us about your latest work

Each MRC Institute has dedicated LifeArc Business Managers who work with you to identify and develop inventions. We work closely with MRC scientists to formulate a development plan and commercialisation strategy, helping them navigate the complex translational path. We establish effective communication channels every step of the way. If you are a researcher at an MRC Institute and think your research outputs might have translational potential or would like to know more about the support on offer, please get in touch with your Business Manager at LifeArc listed below.

Awards to inventors

LifeArc is a service provider to the MRC. Intellectual property arising from MRC employees vests with the MRC. The MRC is the sole recipient of all revenue generated through the commercialisation of MRC inventions by LifeArc. Where inventions are created jointly with collaborating institutions, LifeArc will negotiate revenue sharing agreements on behalf of MRC and administer the sharing of revenue to MRC, MRC researchers and their collaborators.

MRC researchers who contribute to the development of an invention or a research tool are eligible to receive a percentage of income received by the MRC from commercialisation through the MRC’s Awards to Inventors scheme. If you are an MRC researcher and would like to find out more about the scheme, please get in touch with your LifeArc Business Manager.

Who is your LifeArc Business Manager?