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We provide technology transfer services to the Medical Research Council (MRC), part of United Kingdom Research and Innovation (UKRI).

If you are a researcher in an MRC Institute, we can help you translate your science into powerful new therapies, diagnostics, devices and research tools. 

How we support MRC researchers

Evaluate the translational and commercial potential of research, protect inventions, and advise on development pathways and access to funding 

Provide tailored contract support 

Facilitate engagement with industry and investors to commercialise MRC research via licensing, collaboration and spin-out formation

Protect valuable intellectual property (IP) by registering rights, for example through patents, if appropriate 

How we work with the MRC

All intellectual property from the work of MRC employees is owned by the MRC, and any revenue generated from the commercialisation of MRC inventions by LifeArc exclusively benefits the MRC. 

In cases of joint inventions with other institutions, LifeArc negotiates revenue-sharing agreements on behalf of the MRC and administers the distribution of revenue among the MRC, MRC researchers, and their collaborators.  

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Awards to inventors

MRC researchers contributing to the development of an invention or research tool are eligible to receive a portion of the income through the MRC’s Awards to Inventors scheme.

Contact us

Each MRC Institute has dedicated LifeArc business managers who work with you to identify and develop inventions.  

If you are a researcher at an MRC Institute and think your research outputs might have translational potential or would like to know more about the support on offer, please get in touch with your business manager at LifeArc listed below. 

  • MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology: Kieran Hudson (Cell Biology and Neurobiology); Laura Stennett (Protein and Nucleic Acid Chemistry and Structural Studies)
  • MRC Laboratory of Medical Sciences: Tim Ellis
  • Mary Lyon Centre at MRC Harwell: Martin Anyim
  • MRC Nucleic Acid Therapy Accelerator: Kieran Hudson 

Who to contact

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