What is antimicrobial resistance? 

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is one of the greatest health challenges we face, with the World Health Organisation identifying it as one of the 10 greatest threats to global health. Without action, the success of modern medicine in treating infections is at risk and, by 2050, as many as ten million people could die each year due to AMR.  

What is PACE? 

PACE is a £30 million collaborative initiative to help progress new developments to tackle AMR. LifeArc and Innovate UK have each invested £15 million into PACE and will collaborate with Medicines Discovery Catapult to deliver the initiative.  

To find out more, visit www.paceamr.org.uk

The PACE funding call 

PACE has now launched its first funding call. Up to £10 million will be available to support projects focused on early phase antimicrobials for bacterial infections with a high unmet need.  

To submit your expression of interest, or find out more, visit www.paceamr.org.uk.

How is PACE different? 

The speed and success of new treatments is often hampered by financial, regulatory, and technical obstacles. PACE aims to make it easier for scientists and businesses to stay ahead by:   

  • Removing barriers to innovation and connecting the AMR ecosystem.  
  • Offering wrap-around support – advice, expertise, and support to market – alongside funding.   
  • Making it much easier to progress novel solutions, therefore increasing the number of available tests and treatments in development to address AMR.   

By developing solutions for the most threatening and resistant microbes and driving these towards clinical trials and eventual patient impact, PACE will serve as a significant contributor to the global fight against AMR.