This programme, which we run in partnership with AUTM Foundation, equips academic life scientists, at the graduate or post-doctoral level, with the skills and knowledge to transition into careers in technology transfer through a curriculum that combines formal training with networking, mentoring and practical experience in the field.

Who can apply for a LifeArc-AUTM Fellowship?

Are you an academic scientist, at the graduate or post-doctoral level in life sciences, with little (less than a year) or no direct work experience in technology transfer who has a passion for innovation, and would like to train to become a technology transfer professional?

If so, our technology transfer fellowship programme provides fast track training into the world of technology transfer – helping to ensure the great science can make a real difference to patients’ lives.

Each fellow receives:

  • Two years’ AUTM membership, plus access to AUTM’s Technology Transfer Practice Manual and 90 +Webinars
  • One year ASTP membership
  • Attendance at specialised training courses delivered by experts
  • Access to wide network of technology transfer professionals
  • Attendance to a unique Technology Transfer Speaker Series delivered by global experts
  • Guidance and support throughout the programme 


  • Assignment of an experienced technology transfer mentor available throughout the Training Programme

Attendance at international technology transfer events:
Registration, hotels and airfare covered for:

  • AUTM’s Essentials Courses, (date and format tbc)
  • AUTM’s 2024 Annual Meeting, February 18-21st 2024, San Diego, California
  • A major European Technology Transfer Conference i.e. ASTP annual Conference, May 2024


  • Potential to participate in a four-week internship in an academic technology transfer office within the United States or Europe, during the summer

The selection process:

Applications will be evaluated by a joint LifeArc and AUTM selection panel who will award up to ten fellowships, at least two of which will be awarded to non-UK Europe residing applicants

How to apply

The 2023-4 Fellowship year will commence on Monday 14th August 2023. Applications are now closed.

Past fellows have gone on to prominent technology transfer roles – find out more about their experiences on the programme via the links below:

2021-2022 Fellows

2020-2021 Fellows

2019-2020 Fellows

2018-2019 Fellows

2017-2018 Fellows

Fellows are expected to commit to time outside of their current positions and will be sponsored to attend two major AUTM meetings. Where possible, assistance will be provided to secure an eight-week internship in a technology transfer office.

“This valuable initiative is recognised at the highest levels of Leadership within the AUTM Association, as evidenced by Anji’s interactions with Steve Susalka, CEO of AUTM, and Rich Chylla, Chairman of AUTM 2019 Board. This is a vibrant and mutually beneficial program.”
Chris Yochim, Founding Chair, AUTM Foundation

2023-2024 programme

August 2023 Welcome meeting
September 2024 AUTM Essentials course (location tbc)
February 18-21, 2024 AUTM 2024 Annual Conference, San Diego, California, US
2024 (date to be confirmed) Choice of Technology Valuation or Technology Marketing Course (taken as a preconference course)
February 2024 Negotiation course (taken within the AUTM conference)
May 2024 ASTP* Conference 2024
June 2024 PraxisAuril* Conference 2024

*Attendance will be sponsored at one of these conferences – either ASTP annual conference in Europe or PraxisAuril annual conference in the UK. To be confirmed. 


How many hours of study are required to complete the AUTM webinar training modules?

The rate of study is dependent on the circumstances of the fellow. However, we recommend each fellow devotes at least four hours a week to study. This will ensure the fellow completes all modules and is prepared for the training and conferences that are part of the programme.

Is funding available?

The LifeArc-AUTM Fellowships combine formal training with networking, mentoring and practical experience in the field. Expenses for international travel are covered, but no further funding is available with this programme. Where possible, assistance will be provided in terms of networking and mentoring to secure an eight-week placement in a technology transfer office. The level of financial support during the internship/placement is at the discretion of the hosting establishment.

Do I need permission from my employer or supervisor to apply?

Your application will need to include a reference from your current or most recent employer or supervisor. You will also need to ensure you can have time off from your current position to attend two major AUTM meetings, as well as, where possible, an eight-week internship in a technology transfer office.

Is practical experience included?

Most fellows secure a position in the technology transfer sector prior to the end of the programme. The possibility to gain practical experience as a LifeArc-AUTM Fellow is optional, with assistance provided in the form of mentoring, networking and support to secure an internship/placement at an appropriate technology transfer establishment. The level of financial support during the internship/placement is at the discretion of the hosting establishment.

Is the programme open to only UK applicants?

The LifeArc-AUTM Fellowship is open to European-based applicants who can travel to the US for the designated training course and conferences that are part of the programme. Our full-time programme, the Technology Transfer Fellowship, requires all applicants to be based within daily travel distance of London.

Who can I contact about the programme?

To find out more about the LifeArc-AUTM Fellowship, please contact our Senior Business Manager, Anji Miller.