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The MRC People Exchange Programme aims to stimulate collaborative research across industry and academia, develop skills and transfer knowledge. It is one of several new schemes designed with MRC’s industry partners to deliver identifiable translational research outcomes and build long term industry-academic partnerships.

As part of the Programme, the MRC has launched the MRC Research Leader Fellowship scheme, which enables experienced research active scientists to exchange knowledge and forge successful partnerships between industry and academia.

Building on the success of the MRC Skills Gap Awards, the MRC research leader fellowship scheme provides longer-term, flexible support for biomedical research leaders to exchange knowledge and skills between industry and academia. As such the scheme is open to both industrial and academic research scientists.

There are no restrictions on the duration of the project, nor is there a need for the individual to relocate, as long as the collaborative, pre-competitive research relationship between the industry and academic partner organisations is successfully forged. The project need not be a fully-fledged research project; it could be a preparative pilot study, a feasibility study, a technical exchange or a study of best practice or methodologies. The proposed activity must offer significant added value for the fellow, including the acquisition of new knowledge and skills (as opposed to exchange of samples/reagents). Strategic relevance and added value for each partner organisation must also be demonstrated.

The deadline for applications for the first round is 3rd September 2010.

For more information, and to apply please visit the MRC website.

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