Accelerating discovery for underserved patients

Childhood cancer accounts for less than 1% of all new cancer cases in the UK. Investment, therefore, tends to go toward cancers that affect more people, like breast cancer or prostate cancer. 

While understandable, this gap needs to be addressed, especially in funding for early-stage discoveries. 

We’re looking at childhood cancer collectively, and seek to use our expertise to progress promising early-stage science to the next phase, with the ultimate goal that it will reach children faster. 

Child in hospital holding parent's hand

How you can work with us

Childhood Cancer is our newest focus area. The team are currently building the strategy and are interested in hearing from others working in this space. 

The team is being lead by Andy Pearson, Chair, and David Jenkinson, Head of the Childhood Cancer Translational Challenge.

Scientific support

Our team can also help develop drugs and diagnostics, and guide you through the commercial, legal and regulatory process to protect your intellectual property. 

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