Bronchiectasis: a neglected and overlooked lung condition with unrealised commercial potential

We are collaborating with industry experts and Asthma +Lung UK to raise awareness and support the advancement of new innovations and research into bronchiectasis.

In this short film, Charlotte, mother of Felix, explains how her 14 year old son is affected by the condition.

Bronchiectasis is the UK’s third most common chronic lung condition affecting 1 in 200 adults, yet remains largely unknown. It is complex, often under-diagnosed and misdiagnosed, and currently has no licensed treatments available.

We are dedicated to advancing medical research focused on the diagnosis and treatment of bronchiectasis. With Asthma + Lung UK, we want to reach both to those studying bronchiectasis and industry players to consider the opportunities available in advancing new innovations.

The commercial potential of bronchiectasis research and development

No treatments currently licensed

There is a significant unmet need that innovative therapies could address

People need a lifetime of treatment

Bronchiectasis is a chronic, long-term condition that typically requires lifelong management and interventions 

Increasing prevalence

The number of cases worldwide represents a substantial market opportunity, and this is growing due to demographics and increased confidence in diagnosis

Opportunities exist for companies with:

  • Anti-inflammatory knowledge and expertise in drug discovery and development
  • Anti-infection treatments
  • Historical experience in COPD, asthma, cystic fibrosis or other chronic respiratory conditions
  • Diagnostic expertise and capabilities that could be applied to finding better ways to diagnose the condition and monitor responses to treatment
A team of Bronchiectasis research professionals conversing around a table.

Expert voices and lived experiences

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