Are there any strings attached to applying for LifeArc’s translational advice?
No, provision of advice is free of charge and free from any further obligation.

What about your partner organisations?
Our partners have agreed to initially provide limited pro bono advice. External partners might join the initial consultation and/or LifeArc might introduce you to them after the consultation.

I come from a discipline outside of Life Sciences (computer/data scientists, engineering, maths), can I still apply?
Definitely! We are particularly interested in multidisciplinary approaches, as long as projects are aligned to the challenges of COVID-19 and pandemic preparedness as outlined in how to apply.

I work for a university/research institution, do I need to get my Technology Transfer Office (TTO) involved?
In the online application form, we ask applicants to indicate whether their institution has a TTO and if so, whether the TTO has been informed. A representative from your TTO is welcome to prepare the form with you and join the consultation meeting.

I work at a TTO, can I also apply and/or refer academics?
Absolutely. We want to act as a useful additional resource for innovators and their TTOs.

Can you tell if my invention is patentable/protectable and help me prepare and file the application?
We provide advice on general intellectual property strategy as part of the commercialisation of your technology, but we do not provide specific advice on the patentability of your technology or on the preparation of IP rights applications. You would need to approach your TTO and/or an IP lawyer for advice on patentability and protection.

I don’t need advice, only funding. Can I apply directly to the Innovation Award?
No, the Innovation Award is only available to applicants who have first received advice from LifeArc through Advise & Connect, and who, after review, we deem would benefit from the Innovation Award. However, your project may be eligible to benefit from other funding streams or collaborative opportunities at LifeArc.

I have questions about completing the application form, who can I contact?
Please get in touch with for any queries relating to your submission.

I have completed the form but have not heard back. When should I expect a response?
Members of our advice team will get in touch as quickly as possible, generally within four weeks from your submission. If you’ve been waiting longer than four weeks, please email to see how your application is progressing.