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  • LifeArc collaboration helps to advance a potential new cancer drug towards the clinic

    Making our unique ULK inhibitors available as tools for the academic community has helped to reignite interest in blocking autophagy…

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  • Scientists in conversation

    Exploring new approaches to drug discovery

    LifeArc’s scientists have been working on a fresh approach to drug discovery, using a parallel high-throughput application to significantly improve…

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  • Rising to the challenge of COVID-19

    While the development of COVID-19 vaccines has garnered much attention, scientists have also been looking at repurposed medicines as an…

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  • How to kill a virus: LifeArc’s role in shaping the UK’s COVID-19 response

    In 2020 the UK Government, supported by UK Research and Innovation and the National Institute for Health and Research, launched…

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  • LifeArc scientists play pivotal role in the search for a COVID-19 antibody therapy

    While much attention in the race for treatments for Covid-19 has been on the development of new vaccines, scientists have…

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  • Virtual reality technology for small molecular drug discovery

    A project by an industrial placement student led to Virtual Reality becoming a powerful tool for drug discovery Technology has…

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  • Ecoli under the microscope

    Life, re-engineered: new milestone in the emerging field of synthetic genomics

    When MRC researchers achieved a new milestone in the emerging field of synthetic genomics, LifeArc set this early-stage technology on…

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  • Modelling the human brain

    Candidate drugs to treat the central nervous system could be screened with three-dimensional brain tissue grown in the laboratory. We…

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  • antibody, immunoglobulins, 3d rendering - Illustration

    Keytruda: a new generation of cancer treatment

    In 2007, LifeArc entered a collaboration with Organon – ultimately acquired by Merck – to translate innovative drug targets into…

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  • Cancer: LifeArc is working in partnership with Worldwide Cancer Research

    We have worked in partnership with Worldwide Cancer Research (WCR) since 2011 to ensure that intellectual property arising from their…

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  • Breast cancer: new treatment monitoring test avoids risks from biopsy

    Through their shared dedication to patients, LifeArc and diagnostics company Biocartis are developing a ‘liquid biopsy’ test for breast cancer…

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  • Renishaw Diagnostics: a test for antibiotic resistance

    We collaborated with Renishaw Diagnostics Ltd. on a rapid diagnostic test for the detection of carbapenemase genes, which are associated…

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