We’re here to help bridge the gap between the research bench and patient treatments. By working with you in diagnostic assay development and validation, we can help cut
down the time between early stage diagnostic research, its commercial exploitation and its ultimate use in patient diagnosis.

Through our open Call for Diagnostics campaign we collaborate with academic scientists and biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies on diagnostic assay development and validation.

You’ll benefit from our resources and expertise

By collaborating with us you have access to all the resources you’ll need to help you progress your research-developed assays towards clinical use:

  • Patient samples
  • Properly controlled development environment
  • Connections to industry

By taking your opportunity through pre-clinical proof of concept, we will add industry recognised credibility to exciting cutting edge research. We do this through quality managed assay development and rigorous validation testing in an appropriate sample population. We can also help you pinpoint the best stage at which to approach commercial partners.

Academic and charity funded research

We recognise that funding can be difficult to access for diagnostics development and so we invest our time and resources at no cost to you. We can also look at investing in
the development of your research and at supporting funding applications.

Biotech and lifescience companies

We also recognise that industry will often have access to promising science that needs further development work and resources. We will always be keen to discuss partnering options to stimulate the development of research.

The types of early stage projects we are looking to co-develop

We’re interested in RNA/DNA based diagnostics focussing on:

  • Oncology
  • Infectious diseases
  • Precision medicine

We’re also interested in developing enabling tools including extraction methodologies and novel assay platforms.

Our work in action – tackling antibiotic resistance

We worked with Renishaw Diagnostics to develop a novel test for the detection of carbapenemase genes, which are associated with antibiotic resistance. This diagnostic test is now available for patients, marketed by Bruker.

Working together

To find out more about how we can work together, contact Lorraine Anderson or Ciaran Fulton on +44 (0)131 311 7029. Alternatively you can complete our initial application form.

Diagnostics enquiry