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MRC Technology to Oversee Parkinson’s UK Intellectual Property

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London, UK, 26 November 2013: MRC Technology, a technology transfer organisation, announced today that it has entered into an agreement with the charity Parkinson’s UK to provide support in the oversight and management of intellectual property (IP). The partnership enables Parkinson’s UK to take advantage of MRC Technology’s IP management, technology transfer and drug discovery expertise, in order to maximise patient benefits and the return on investment derived from Parkinson’s UK-funded research.

Under the agreement MRC Technology will review and monitor the overall portfolio of Parkinson’s UK, advising on strategies that best realise the commercial potential of research projects. Working on behalf of Parkinson’s UK with grant holders and Technology Transfer Officers (TTOs), MRC Technology will assist in the protection, management and exploitation of associated IP, and through the negotiation of robust revenue share agreements will ensure the value of support given by Parkinson’s UK is fully reflected.

Mike Johnson, MRC Technology’s Director of Corporate Partnerships, commented: “Building on our existing relationship with Parkinson’s UK, we are delighted to offer further support in the quest to improve life for those affected by Parkinson’s. By keeping an overview of these projects and fully exploiting associated IP, we will not only ensure that research goes all the way to benefitting patients but also that it brings adequate return which can be reinvested.”

Dr Kieran Breen, Director of Research and Innovation at Parkinson’s UK, added:“We have a duty to ensure that the results of research funded by Parkinson’s UK are fully exploited to help maximise the health benefits and revenue generated. As with many medium-sized research charities, we don’t have the resources in house to fully manage the IP that arises from the projects we support, and as such we are very pleased to engage MRC Technology’s proven expertise in IP management and technology transfer.”

For more information please contact Mike Johnson on 020 7391 2825.

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