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New Director of Corporate Partnerships appointed

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MRC Technology announced today that Mike Johnson has been appointed Director, Corporate Partnerships. Mike joins MRC Technology to act as the principal conduit for communication between the UK’s Medical Research Council (MRC) and MRC Technology, and to build productive partnerships with technology and funding organisations both nationally and internationally while ensuring operational delivery of the new 10 Year Strategic Plan.

Mike joins with a background as Managing Director of two manufacturing companies, Soundcraft Electronics and Combined Optical Industries Limited Latterly, with Carclo plc, his remit was to find new technology – this led to the founding of a successful start up company; Conductive Inkjet Technology Limited.

“I am absolutely delighted to take on this huge challenge, which has the potential to make a real difference to people’s health” commented Mike. “It is clear that the existing model by which Pharma companies turn research into products is not working. MRC Technology has built its reputation by successfully commercialising MRC intellectual property, and it now plans to offer a similar service to other global players, be they Universities or Pharma companies. Also by expanding the Centre for Therapeutics Discovery, our early stage drug discovery labs, we can help to take ideas from the lab to a stage which a commercial partner might take them on – bridging the gap being vacated by Pharma companies as they continue to invest more research spend in alternative activities”.

CEO Dave Tapolczay said “Mike brings a very valuable commercial perspective across a range of business areas that helps broaden our thinking and approach to delivering our strategy. I am sure he will help the team to succeed in this very exciting and changing environment, which in the long term can only benefit the patient. With the renewed focus on Science and Innovation Translation, the timing of the appointment is very relevant as it is important to spread the message of MRC Technology’s capabilities and desire to partner.”

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