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Intellect Neurosciences and MRCT to humanize antibodies for AD

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Intellect Selects Antibody Drug Candidates for Development

New York, NY, USA and London, UK, — Intellect Neurosciences, Inc. (OTCC: ILNS) (“Intellect”) and Medical Research Council Technology (“MRCT”) announced today that the two companies have entered into an agreement under which MRCT will use its proprietary technology and advanced know-how to humanize Intellect’s beta-amyloid specific, monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. The antibodies are intended as a form of passive immunization to promote clearance from the brain of the endogenous soluble Alzheimer’s toxin, beta-amyloid, where it accumulates and causes devastating damage to victims of the disease. Humanization is an essential step in making antibodies safe for use in humans.

Under the terms of the agreement, Intellect will pay MRCT milestone payments related to the development and commercialization of the humanized antibodies and a royalty based on sales of the resulting drug products. Intellect is the holder of patents in Japan and other countries related to antibodies, and methods of treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

“The humanization step marks an important milestone in the development of our antibodies,” commented Dr. Daniel Chain, CEO and Chairman of Intellect Neurosciences, Inc. “Our monoclonal antibodies incorporate a unique safety feature that is needed to avoid the danger of interference with the important physiological functions of other
related proteins.” Professor Donald Price, Professor of Pathology, Neurology and Neuroscience and Founding Director of the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center at The John’s Hopkins School of Medicine and a member of Intellect’s Scientific Advisory Board, commented: “We believe that free-end specific antibodies such as those being developed by Intellect reduce the risk of triggering adverse reactions because of their specificity. These antibodies are difficult to generate and are an achievement for which Intellect should be proud.”

“We are delighted that Intellect will apply its pioneering patented technology, expertise and resources to the development and commercialization of humanized monoclonal antibodies to fill the large unmet clinical need of Alzheimer’s disease”, said MRCT’s CEO Dr. Michael Dalrymple. “We are gratified to play an important role in the development of these antibodies”

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