Tuberculosis kills around 1.3 million people each year, and a rapid diagnostic test to enable better clinical decisions to be made through the real-time monitoring of TB disease during treatment is urgently needed.

TB-MBLA is a RT-qPCR test that can detect and estimate the TB burden in patient sputum samples.

In collaboration with The University of St Andrews, LifeArc has developed the TB-MBLA RUO kit. The TB-MBLA will be used in research studies where patient samples will be tested to build clinical evidence that demonstrates the benefits of TB-MBLA as a diagnostic and treatment monitoring tool over current methods.

TB-MBLA research use only kit resources

The TB-MBLA Instructions for Use (IFU) and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) can be found below.

Instructions for use



TB-MBLA Extraction Control (PDF – 181 KB)
TB-MBLA RNA Standard (PDF – 224 KB)
TB-MBLA Assay Mix (PDF – 191 KB)
TB-MBLA RNAse-Free Water (PDF – 121 KB)
TB-MBLA qPCR MasterMix (PDF – 148 KB)
TB-MBLA Reverse Transcriptase (PDF – 143 KB)

The video below describes the main steps of the TB-MBLA protocol and may be used to support training activities.

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