Our application process

How does the application process work?

Contact us
First you need to speak to someone in our dedicated team. As scientists, they understand your work.  Please get in touch with Kevin Buchan or Derek Sheader on +44 (0) 207 391 2826 or complete the contact form below. Once you have contacted us you will be sent a project outline form.

Complete project outline form
Next we ask you to complete a non-confidential form outlining your project. Again one of our dedicated targets team will help you complete the form. We have six submission deadlines a year in order to manage the review process.

The form will then be evaluated internally to assess scientific rational, feasibility and fit with our capabilities and our current portfolio. An internal panel will decide whether the project merits further investigation. All applicants will receive detailed feedback. Successful projects will move through to the next phase of review.

First stage review

  • LifeArc’s panel prioritise target proposals based on suitability criteria
  • First stage review meetings are held every 2 months (6 times a year)
  • Successful applicants are invited to submit a more detailed project proposal for further evaluation

Second stage review

Drug discovery proposal
Our team will work with you to prepare a collaborative drug discovery project proposal which will include details of the project plan. These proposals are reviewed by an internal panel and external drug discovery experts three times a year. Unsuccessful projects will receive feedback to strengthen research. Successful projects will move forward to feasibility studies.

  • LifeArc collaborates with the PI and host technology transfer office to produce a detailed confidential project proposal, including an initial project plan
  • External reviewers with drug discovery expertise evaluate the proposal
  • LifeArc’s panel evaluate the proposal and the reviewer comments at a review meeting
  • Second stage review meetings are held every 4 months (3 times a year)
  • Successful project proposals are moved forward to LifeArc’s drug discovery labs for feasibility


We commence feasibility work (e.g. assay development), and at the same time our business managers will agree the terms of the collaboration with you and your organisation. Once terms are agreed and feasibility criteria are met, the project will formally launch and enter our active drug discovery portfolio.

  • LifeArc and PI build a collaborative project team and refine a detailed project plan, including feasibility criteria for exploratory experimental work such as reproducing key results from the PI’s project
  • A collaboration agreement is negotiated between LifeArc and the PI’s host academic institution
  • LifeArc carries out feasibility work and successful projects are launched
  • LifeArc Translational Award will made to the PI when the feasibility criteria are met and the collaboration agreement is signed