Are you an academic or researcher with an idea or research that might lead to a treatment, diagnostic or other improvement for patients?

LifeArc collaborates with scientists from academia, industry and other research groups to develop their ideas into clinical applications that offer patient benefits.

If you have a discovery, technology (eg prototype device, potential therapeutics, novel drug targets) or materials that you think might have a commercial application, then submit your non-confidential idea to our dedicated business development team at LifeArc. As scientists, they understand your work.

We invest in potential

We’re different from most charities because we are self-financing. In fact, we are generating income from the royalties from marketed treatments we worked on, so we are actively looking for more projects with potential. We don’t have shareholders, so our investment decisions are not driven by a short term need to return a profit. We prioritise the potential of a novel idea by its ability to benefit patients – whether that is a rare disease or research that could impact millions.

Accelerate the development of your research

By collaborating with us, you gain access to the expertise, facilities and resources needed to develop your research in a commercial environment. Our Centre for Therapeutics Discovery collaborates with academic researchers on all aspects of small molecule and therapeutic antibody projects.

Our therapeutic antibody expertise spans from generating new antibodies to delivering a humanised and fully characterised lead candidate.

We can also support your technology transfer, including protecting and managing your intellectual property, evaluating the translational potential of your research portfolios, advising on funding, development path and routes to market.

What you will bring is biology and disease expertise along with access to any relevant tools, assays and models.

Priority areas

We are looking for research projects that can demonstrate:

  • Novel therapeutic targets in any disease area
  • New approaches to modulating a known disease target
  • Strong evidence linking the target to human disease
  • Evidence from model systems showing that modulation of the target has a therapeutically relevant effect
  • Disease biology expertise, such as access to enabling assays, reagents and disease models
  • New technologies that could speed up drug discovery or allow us to tackle diseases and targets that can’t currently be treated.


Download a PDF brochure for more information about what we can offer academic scientists and researchers:

How to collaborate with us

The first step is to submit a non-confidential proposal to us. We assess the potential of the idea through a two-stage application process, and projects are selected by a panel of experts. Get in contact with a member of our Business Development team or contact us to start the conversation.

Let’s work together and make sure that promising science is turned into benefits for patients.