MRC Technology collaborates with NYU School of Medicine to develop biologics for inflammatory bone disease

MRC Technology and NYU School of Medicine have signed an agreement to develop an antibody for the prevention of inflammatory osteolysis (bone breakdown).

Key US Patents Granted for GPCR-Focused Drug Discovery Platform Arising From Pioneering Research and Translational Expertise at MRC and MRC Technology

Heptares Therapeutics (Heptares) recently announced the grant of multiple key patents in the United States relating to its GPCR-focused drug discovery platform.

MRC Technology and Shandong International Biotechnology Park (China) to cooperate in new drug for Alzheimer’s

MRC Technology and Shandong International Biotechnology Park (BIOasis) have signed a partnership agreement for the development of…

Charities pledge to jump start drug development for brain diseases

The Neurodegeneration Medicines Acceleration Programme (Neuro-MAP), led by medical research charity MRC Technology, will see charities and funding bodies identify promising drug projects no longer in development and help scientists to take them forward to the next stage. Drugs for brain diseases such as dementia, motor neurone disease and Parkinson’s could be revived.

MRC Technology and EMBLEM collaborate to streamline drug development

The initiative will focus on identification of novel druggable targets in the field of small molecules and antibodies, and collaborating to fast track those targets through drug discovery to create potent and selective novel therapeutics. It brings together EMBLEM’s experience in supporting academics in one of the world’s leading locations for scientific research, with MRC Technology’s dedicated expertise in translating novel biology targets into lead stage therapeutic assets.

Global Drug Development Alliance in Nature Biotechnology

MRC Technology's Director of Drug Discovery, Justin Bryans, is quoted in a Nature Biotechnology article about the…

New postpartum haemorrhage drug discovery project launched

A collaboration between MRC Technology and Dr Andrew Blanks at the University of Warwick has been launched to develop inhibitors of inwardly rectifying potassium channel kir7.1 for the treatment of postpartum haemorrhage.