New drug discovery collaborations with Queen Mary University of London launched

The first collaboration will develop selective formyl peptide receptor 2 (FPR2) agonists for the treatment of ischaemia reperfusion injury. The second collaboration will develop positive allosteric modulators (PAMs) and agonists of melanocortin receptor type 3 (MC3) for treatment of joint disease.

MRCT announce second drug discovery collaboration with University of Bristol

This project will focus on developing novel modulators of the second galanin receptor subtype (GalR2) for neuropathic pain, a major medical and economic burden, and a complication in several other diseases such as diabetes.

Mount Sinai School of Medicine and MRC Technology to collaborate on monoclonal antibody production and humanization

The collaboration will focus on the development of monoclonal antibodies that can be commercialized as drugs to control infection and treat diseases. MRC Technology will humanize mouse antibodies that are created by Mount Sinai’s Center for Therapeutic Antibody Discovery (CTAD).

MRC Technology launches research grant terms approval service

The newly-launched research grant terms approval service, provided the MS Society with the first review. As an expert in commercialising intellectual property, MRC Technology is ideally placed to advise on how best to ensure that grant terms and conditions are comprehensive, meet industry standards, and have the best chance of supporting the development of novel treatments.

Phosphate Therapeutics acquires novel phosphate binder (PT20) from the Medical Research Council and secures development funding from Inventages venture capital for compound’s phase 2 development

Phosphate Therapeutics has acquired the global rights to PT20, a novel Phase 2 ready phosphate binder for the treatment of hyperphosphataemia. The PT20 programme was initially supported by funding from the MRC’s Development Gap Fund and this deal was negotiated by MRC Technology on behalf of MRC. At the same time funding of up to €10.5m has been secured from Inventages Venture Capital (Inventages) to complete the Phase 2 development of PT20.

New drug discovery collaboration with University of Bristol launched

Collaboration aims to develop orally available small molecule TrkA antagonists for treatment of chronic intractable pain.

New cancer therapeutic antibody project launched

MRC Technology’s Therapeutic Antibody Group and The University of Aberdeen will work together on a project to…

Aptuscan acquired by Avacta

Aptuscan, a spin out company based on research carried out by Paul Ko Ferrigno whilst working at…

MRC Technology to manage intellectual property for AICR

This is the first such agreement signed by MRC Technology, delivering on a new strategy to broaden its service to provide IP management and commercial development of healthcare related science for other organisations, as well as the UK’s Medical Research Council. MRC Technology will assist in the oversight and management of intellectual property (IP) arising from AICR-funded projects.