MRCT and Chinese National Centre collaborate on malaria

MRCT's Drug Discovery Group has developed a drug screening assay for a potential Malaria drug target called PfSub-1, a subtilisin-like protease, and successfully identified a small number of ‘hit’ compounds from its own in house chemical library. The collaboration with NCDS will allow the target to be screened against a much larger compound library. Apart from synthetic chemicals, the NCDS library also contains a large collection of compounds isolated from natural products including traditional Chinese herbs.

Therapeutic Antibody Group starts

The Therapeutic Antibody Group (TAG) will comprise former AERES scientists. As part of MRCT’s evolving strategy of adding significant value to key MRC intellectual property assets, TAG will collaborate with MRC scientists to translate innovative drug targets into potent and selective therapeutic antibody candidates which can then be partnered with industry for progression into pre-clinical and clinical studies.

MRC to receive over USD200m

The Medical Research Council is to receive over US$200m as part of one of the biggest deals to come out of breakthroughs by British scientists. It involves a drug created using patented technology derived from research at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge and The Scripps Research Institute in California.