MRC Technology to manage intellectual property for AICR

This is the first such agreement signed by MRC Technology, delivering on a new strategy to broaden its service to provide IP management and commercial development of healthcare related science for other organisations, as well as the UK’s Medical Research Council. MRC Technology will assist in the oversight and management of intellectual property (IP) arising from AICR-funded projects.

Crowd sourcing in drug discovery

MRCT's Justin Bryans has contributed to a Nature Reviews Drug Discovery article on crowd sourcing in drug…

The art of turning ideas into products

In the FT article 'The art of turning ideas into products' MRC Technology CEO Dave Tapolczay is…

New Director of Corporate Partnerships appointed

Mike Johnson has been appointed Director, Corporate Partnerships. Mike joins MRC Technology to act as the principal conduit for communication between the UK’s Medical Research Council (MRC) and MRC Technology, and to build productive partnerships with technology and funding organisations both nationally and internationally while ensuring operational delivery of the new 10 Year Strategic Plan.