Therapeutic area
  • Research reagents (COVID-19)

What the technology does

The S protein variants of SARS-CoV-2 can be used as a reagent for diagnostic testing (ELISA or other antibody tests), and as a component of vaccines (for example as a sequence in a nucleic acid vaccine, as part of an attenuated viral vaccine, or as a protein based vaccine). It can also be used as a reagent to isolate antibody producing B cells.


The S protein undergoes conformational changes to interact with its receptor and to mediate fusion with the target cell. It is also unstable, and prone to denaturation resulting in changes to its structure and antigenic characteristics. These sequence variants can lead to the generation of proteins, with increased stability, which may give better performance in diagnostic tests or vaccines, or which adopt particular conformations, which may give better performance in diagnostic tests or vaccines.

Main application field

COVID-19 vaccine, therapeutic and diagnostic research


R&D tool


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