What the technology does

Novel graphene films for the deposition of biological molecules on to graphene for structure determination using electron cryo-microscopy.


Partially hydrogenating graphene enables deposition of biological molecules onto graphene films for electron cryo-microscopy. These films allow for improved structural resolution of specimens due to reduced motion of specimens and reduced charge build-up on surface of specimens.

Main application field

Electron cryo-microscopy


Research tool


Technology ready for evaluation and licence

Intellectual Property

IL patent application (243747), KR patent application (10-2016-7003594), ZA patent application (2016/00919), EP patent application (14750617.4), SG patent application (11201600756U), US patent application (14/911,718), CN patent application (201480055929.2), AU patent application (2014307798), JP patent application (2016-533949), CA patent application (2,919,271), HK patent application (16113114.6).


Non-exclusive/exclusive licence or investment opportunity

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