Therapeutic area
  • Animal health
  • Vaccines

What the technology does

The Entry-component Replication-Abortive (ECRA) vaccine strain of the Bluetongue Virus (AHSV) is genetically engineered to stimulate an immune response in the host animal, but not replicate and cause infection.


ECRA BTV vaccination with multiple serotypes is possible, giving a clear advance over existing vaccines. It does not need inactivating or cold storage for administration in the field.¬†ECRA BTV vaccines enter the cell normally (without the use of an adjuvant) but cannot complete a full replication cycle. The vaccine causes production of sufficient protein to elicit an immune response. ECRA BTV can be produced at biosafety level 2, lowering production costs and ECRA BTV’s viral titre is maintained following dessication, allowing delivery/administration in the field in the absence of refrigeration. ECRA BTV is also distinguishable from disease infected animals, making it DIVA compliant. ECRA BTV cocktails (against multiple serotypes) have been successfully administered to sheep in field trials.


This opportunity is available for licensing and co-development.

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