LifeArc is investing over £100 million in Global Health, working in collaboration to accelerate the progression of affordable and accessible solutions that will help us to better understand, treat and prevent infectious diseases around the world. Our work in Global Health includes three Translational Challenges in:

  • Antimicrobial resistance (AMR)
  • Neglected tropical diseases (NTD)
  • Viral threats (EVT)

Our Global Health approach

We will seek translational opportunities in global health – supporting the global health ecosystem and streamlining the pathway to patients to ensure more innovations have the chance to succeed.

In order to increase the likelihood of innovations reaching patients more quickly, we will:

  • Focus our efforts where the need of patients is greatest and where we can make a unique contribution
  • Involve people with lived experience, including patients and healthcare professionals, in shaping our work
  • Aim to pursue collaborative partnerships that drive innovation and help create a more equitable and sustainable global health research ecosystem
  • Pursue collaborations with low- and middle- income countries, that focus on the most urgent local needs, with an initial focus on sub-Saharan Africa
  • Make targeted investments that: co-create new research infrastructure and support capacity where it is most needed; remove obstacles in the scientific discovery pathway; and create more opportunities for funding.

Our impact

We will support the progression of innovative healthcare solutions that will help rapidly diagnose infections and contribute towards reducing morbidity and mortality. We will do this through:

  • Generating insights that can help better understand diseases and patient experience
  • Amplifying the voice of those with lived-experience of diseases and use their experience to help shape our approach
  • Convening and connecting the global health research ecosystem and supporting sustainable capacity growth in under-resourced settings
  • Contributing towards the progression of affordable and accessible medicines and diagnostics
  • Collaborating to unblock specific barriers in the ecosystem to provide a smoother route to impact for patients.

Global Health collaborative partnerships and projects

Read more about the collaborations helping us to tackle global health challenges.

Translational Challenges