Jenny Kenworthy from Cambridgeshire has two daughters and five grandchildren, she was diagnosed with skin cancer in January 2003. For several years her oncology team at Addenbrooke’s Hospital treated her with a number of diff­erent medicines, with varying degrees of success, before prescribing pembrolizumab.

Jenny visited the LifeArc offices and laboratories to meet the scientists who helped develop the drug. “To say how important the work of these scientists is in getting a drug from the lab to patients is a huge understatement,” she said. “Without the work of people like this, their dedication, belief and commitment, we wouldn’t be seeing the enormous advances in the treatment of diseases, which were once untreatable,” she added. “I am full of enormous admiration for everyone at LifeArc and their work in accelerating the process of getting a drug to where it is needed – the patient.”

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