LifeArc is a charity registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales (1015243) and in Scotland with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (SC037861); and a company limited by guarantee (No 2698321) having been incorporated under the Companies Act 1985 on 18 March 1992.

Our trustees have extensive expertise in biomedical sciences, biotech and pharma industry, finance, law and medicine to support strategic direction in the delivery of our charitable objects. They govern our functions within our constitution and the achievement of our charitable objects.

Articles of Association

Our charitable objects, as set out in our Articles of Association, are:

  • To promote the public benefit by improving human health and medical research, in particular by assisting the progress of the scientific discoveries and new technologies arising from research into therapeutic treatments, drugs, diagnostics, other technologies or information resources.
  • To work with industry, charities, universities, the health service and other relevant bodies as well as conducting its own research and development as needed to accelerate the progress of these discoveries and technologies to the stage at which they are (i) capable of being made generally available to the medical profession and the public for practical application for the improvement of health and/or (ii) are transferred or licensed to a third party to progress development of such discoveries or technologies towards such goals.

Our performance and achievements to fulfil our charitable objects are published yearly in the trustees’ annual report and accounts.

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee regularly reviews the structure, size and composition (including skills, knowledge, experience, diversity) of the Board and is, amongst other things, responsible for developing and maintaining an active succession plan for the Board. The remit of the Nominations Committee is set out in the Terms of Reference.