Operational highlights

We’ve made good progress this year across all areas of focus. We have partnered many of the assets and projects, handing over packages to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies for further development. We have shared our knowledge and discovery through scientific channels, invested in projects with great potential and helped scientists partner their science on the path to commercialisation.

  • We out-licensed two programmes this year to pharmaceutical companies.
  • We have commitments to award three grants totalling £1.9m from the Philanthropic Fund in our first review of submissions.
  • We produced 47 publications, posters and presentations in 2018.
  • We created 23 new licences through our partnering activity for the Medical Research Council.
  • We humanised a new antibody aimed at a new approach against Alzheimer’s disease.

Our strategy

Under the inspirational guidance of our new CEO Melanie Lee, we are currently revising our core strategy and actively seeking to grow our influence and impact significantly. This growth will be fuelled by our receipt of nearly £1bn for a portion of our royalty interest in Keytruda (pembrolizumab).

The growing potential of LifeArc and the magnitude of our capital base has required a further strengthening of our governance processes and the addition of new senior leadership and Trustees with additional skills and experience. We have also sought the views of our key strategic partners in translation and those of our customers and collaborators as we work to define our wider set of future priorities.

Download LifeArc’s Annual Report and Accounts 2018-19 (PDF-3Mb)